Perhaps I was Addicted to the Dark Side



The edge is the safest place to be. Whether you run inland or fall over the edge, there are going to be people waiting for you.


Random Vision of Perfection


I want to go on a road trip, and wake up to this view. Cuddled under a wool blanket in the back seat, pulled over on a gravel road. This picture makes me thankful for land and the able-bodied ability to experience this.

Two Things:


February’s out of the way and it’s time to get back to life. There’s two things on my mind: sharing and kindness. I’m going to make a conscious effort to say more kind things about others and to spread some happiness. You should too!


Why Am I Here / Why I Am Here

Do you really care that I felt a little crazy when I went off the gluten? Does anyone really care what event a super cool blogger went to? Sure, younger thirsty people. Younger yes, but thirsty for other lives I am not. I blog to work on my writing, and to share bits of words and images I feel need to be shared. I don’t blog for stats. I will never even look at my stats. I’m more interested in why people read my online bits than how many. To be selfishly honest, I’m more interested in watching my writing and website tinkering skills improve.

Plus, I do have fairly funny stories to share.


And when I take on projects like arm knitting, yoga, meditation, running a marathon, or who the fuck knows what else is to come, this acts like a legible journal. My brick and mortar journal reads like a doctor’s note of parental issues, broken hearts, and Bell Jar worries. Working in social media for the past year and a half has almost made me think what I do is worth sharing. It’s not, but what’s worth sharing is that magical and constant human conversation. The silent conversation that happens when you read someone’s online bits and bookmark it.

Long ago, I was a little lost. And slowly I came out of it, to realize that being positive is the most important thing a human can do for themselves and others. If it were not various random humans, most of whom I don’t consider to be dear friends, who chose to talk about health, yoga, positivity, and not being the victim, I could have been spending this time doing I don’t even want to know what, with a bunch of looooosers. 

Key word: positivity. And I love critical thinking.

Ted Talks & Bechdel Tests

My friends all probably hate me because I hate watching YouTube videos. I don’t want to laugh at boy jokes put into motion or hear your shit music. Buuuuuut if you show me some Ted Talks, my heart will get a little melty.

I discovered this Ted Talk, in which Colin Stokes asks men to put aside the traditional man box and replace it with something far more “manly”. Paying attention to the movies you show your children, and yourself.

Meet the Bechdel Test. A simple test to identify gender bias in popular culture. To pass the Bechdel test, a movie must:
1. Have at least two [named] women in it
2. Who talk to each other
3. About something besides a man

Easy right? Not so much. Only a very slim percentage of movies, comics, stories, etc pass this. But why? I mean, women do surprisingly talk about legit stuff. Why are the boys so adverse to seeing women in pop culture? Because it isn’t manly to take them seriously?

Mr. Stokes goes on to talk about providing our children with a different narrative. One that includes both women and men as benevolent leaders. It’s beyond time for this. And when I think about the movies and TV shows I chose to watch, they all pass the Bechdel Test. There is both male and female good and evil, leaders and followers. Because that’s the planet I’ve chose to live on. And I think it’s time more men come over to this planet. Then, he drops the disgusting statistic that sexual assault (1 in 5 women) is more common than a movie that passes the Bechdel Test (11%). Why are men assaulting? Ask yourself this again after watching a modern day “man movie”.

I think about all the times I’ve heard a boyfriend complain about seeing his girlfriend, because like, why can’t he just be with his buddies all weekend? This always stuck out as more homosexual than “manly”. The guys who cheat and then complain about their girlfriend and wife to their side chick. Men who play games out of women, like placing bets on who fucks the fattest woman. The tired narrative of men being miserable once he gets married. I can come up with two reasons why adults would behave with such pointless ignorance:
1) They feel threatened that modern women are equals
2) They are closeted gays

Come out of the closet, or welcome your manhood to the modern world. Because the sad news is, that if we keep raising children with the same shitty pop culture literacy, a lot of our sons will be left behind by modern women.