A Little Rant



How is it that basically every man considers women to be “man haters”, but they cannot for the life of them figure out why it is this way? The last time I dated a well-adjusted, emotionally stable member of the fine male gender was college. That came to an end three years ago. What does that say about me? I’ve got time for men I shouldn’t have time for, not even a second. But what does it say that I’ve met handfuls of women who have the same story? That we are letting “men” regress. Boys will be boys ends in boyhood.

Unable to deal with failure, emotions, modern women, and their own issues, unable to take blame or accept responsibility. Including myself and many, many fellow women, men have tossed around slut, skank, dress up for me, you’re too pretty, you’re lazy, blah blah blah. I used to think, oh shit maybe I am not really pretty, or maybe I don’t do enough. But now that I’ve had years of experience conducting science experiments (relationships), I know that the only thing these obnoxious comments mean is ISSUES. Not within women, but the men.



The point of this rant is not to say how much better women are than men. It’s to say that every “feminine” trait that men could benefit from respecting is ironically delegated to being gay, wussy, or girly. But women are adaptable, problem solvers, reflective, and resilient. And we have to be, because if we were to behave like men, the world would be a dire, dire place.

Imagine if men respected women, if they viewed our intuition and reflective nature like we viewed their physical strength? With Respect. What a novel idea, that straight men view women in a positive light, instead of whining about hanging out with their girlfriend/wife, building caves to escape into man world.

So in conclusion, I am not a man hater. In fact, I love men. I love men who are in touch with themselves. Who can accept that this is crucial to survival and not “gay”. I love men who can seamlessly go from writing in a journal to building a garden or playing a sport. That is a man. What I’ve more recently dealt with are boys – where you try so hard to be a man but a man is the opposite of what you think.

I’ve made a decision today, over a cupcake. To avoid boy problems. To cut those arguments right off the bat, and to nip boys in the bud the second they establish their boyhood. And I think all women should do the same. Leave the boys to the girls.


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