Why Am I Here / Why I Am Here

Do you really care that I felt a little crazy when I went off the gluten? Does anyone really care what event a super cool blogger went to? Sure, younger thirsty people. Younger yes, but thirsty for other lives I am not. I blog to work on my writing, and to share bits of words and images I feel need to be shared. I don’t blog for stats. I will never even look at my stats. I’m more interested in why people read my online bits than how many. To be selfishly honest, I’m more interested in watching my writing and website tinkering skills improve.

Plus, I do have fairly funny stories to share.


And when I take on projects like arm knitting, yoga, meditation, running a marathon, or who the fuck knows what else is to come, this acts like a legible journal. My brick and mortar journal reads like a doctor’s note of parental issues, broken hearts, and Bell Jar worries. Working in social media for the past year and a half has almost made me think what I do is worth sharing. It’s not, but what’s worth sharing is that magical and constant human conversation. The silent conversation that happens when you read someone’s online bits and bookmark it.

Long ago, I was a little lost. And slowly I came out of it, to realize that being positive is the most important thing a human can do for themselves and others. If it were not various random humans, most of whom I don’t consider to be dear friends, who chose to talk about health, yoga, positivity, and not being the victim, I could have been spending this time doing I don’t even want to know what, with a bunch of looooosers. 

Key word: positivity. And I love critical thinking.


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