Winter 2012 Checklist

  • Have a hippie Christmas
  • Go snowboarding and improve
  • Go skating
  • Finish sweater
  • Sign up for Mississauga Marathon and STWM
  • Be a winter runner!
  • Get G1

On with the debt repayment, healthy lifestyle, active and positive thoughts, and carrying on everything I’ve built. But hey, Canadian winters are long so let’s throw in a lot of ice time!

The non-driver in me is ending, so this is finally the season it happens. I re-get my G1. Seriously, I want a big dog. And if I’m going to live easily with my pup, I need a fucking car. Or at least the ability to rent one.

Spring is always around the corner, especially when you’ve got runs to train for! Thanks to Moose Knuckles, winter will no longer be controlling my happiness, health, and fun. Go parka go!

And a very hippie Christmas, handmade cards, local or responsible gifts/packaging, giving back to less fortunate, all that good stuff. Smart consumerism!


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