Pointy Nails

It’s confession time: I’ve never had a spa day, gotten a mani or pedi, had a professional massage, or anything. I haven’t even gone to a legitimate hair stylist in three years. I love to paint my nails, and I prefer to leave the massages up to boy toys. Since growing my nails out an inch doesn’t happen overnight, and keeping natural nails at unbroken points for more than one day is just not going to happen, it’s time to hit the spa.

Seriously, we’re in Halloween “season” and the weather is witchy. This is prime time to go pointy. What is this look called? Goth femme fatale? Witchy urban chic? Fashion people, what’s the verdict on what us regular folk call pointy nails?





Since I’m a weirdo who loves everything dark and watches The Craft almost daily during this “season”, it’s just not right that I don’t have my own “sexy but too dangerous to touch” nails. I think pointy nails will be what red lipstick was to me last year: a permanent addition.


Do you think they’ll give me some extra grip for Downward Dog?


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