I’ve Joined the Cult

After running a half marathon, I needed a tiny break from running. Thanks to FabFind I ended up finally drinking the yoga Kool-Aid in the form of an unlimited month of yoga from Tula Yoga.

Usually an unlimited month of yoga would run you $185, the FabFind deal gave you an unlimited month for $45. I’ve been going to the Liberty Village studio about four times a week for the past two weeks, and I’ve definitely caught the yoga bug.

When I took up running (again) in July, I grew to love seeing a change in my body and the burn in my muscles after a good run. Unfortunately, living in Canada means I live in near eternal winter, and no real running subjects themselves to a treadmill even in winter. Running is very solitary and personal, so balancing that out with a shared workout was preferred. After hearing everyone say how relaxing and soulful yoga is, I still find it to be more about a work out. But hey, I’m still mastering this craft so check back in six months.

My only complaint would be the price. Moksha Downtown charge $99 a month for unlimited classes ($140 if you don’t want the auto renew option). I have yet to try Moksha, so maybe there is a benefit to paying almost double at Tula.

What’s next? Test out Moksha and maybe a few other studios, and definitely be hitting up BarreWorks once a week starting….now!  What workouts have you been doing to stay active, healthy, and fit? Why not start one now?

Exercise is a great way to lose weight, but it’s more of a great way to push yourself. Like a lot of runners told me, you’ll learn a lot about yourself while running. I learned a lot about goals, purpose, and commitment, which slowly began to leak into the rest of my life. Yoga keeps that flow going, but instead of pushing my endurance, it pushed my muscles (and it’s a lot harder to give up in a small room filled with people). As incredibly personal as exercise is, it’s equally important for everyone to find what works for them. It’s not just about weight, it’s about yourself.



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