Home: Adam Levine


Perfection does exist – in the form of man. Adam Levine happens to be tall, dark, tattooed, and easy on the eyes. Then there’s the whole creative musician thing going on; and apparently he’s got quite the design taste, too.

I love the masculine sensuality his house exudes. In design, masculinity is devoid of sensuality. Wood, clean lines, silver, concrete; it’s all hard and no softness. If you ask me, this is a case of art imitating life. Thankfully, my future husband Levine was able to team with designer Mark Haddawy to curate a home filled with masculine sensuality.


The plush velvet seating areas are what really solidify sensuality in this space. Enough of the cold leather couches! And there’s flowers in almost every room! Even though he worked with a designer to create this space, it’s clear that he didn’t just want a house; he wanted his house.

“Mark’s obsessive about what he lets into a house,” Levine says, “and I inherited his sickness.” Haddawy was particularly prudent in selecting just the right carpet—a 1920s Persian—to accompany the midcentury furnishings in the living room. “We probably brought 20 or 30 in here before we could settle on this,” he says in an offhand tone that suggests taking such care is, for him, business as usual.”

Celebrity houses are always interesting. I can always tell when someone is really a creative person, and who’s just a well-marketed drone. You know which one Levine is by the darkness, visual interest, and sense of self he fills this space with.

This is by far my favourite living space yet.

Read the full article here.


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