Let’s Talk About Something You Like

“She is such a bitch.” 

“I hate when restaurants fuck up my order.”

“I don’t want to get up.”

I’ve got this brilliant idea that might even save lives. I call it “Let’s Talk About Something You Like” and I dare everyone to consciously talk about things they like, instead of things they dislike. So instead of waking up and grumbling about going to work, say something positive out loud. Maybe you’re grateful that you have a job, or you love the people you work with, or you’re simply excited for lunch time.

When I sat down to think about what I was going to do with this little blog, and my output in general, I felt incredibly foggy. Until I thought, hey, put all the negative stupid crap in this little planet of fuckery aside and write about positive things in your life. I could write forever about the plight of my gender, or the ridiculousness of fashion; but I should forever write about empowering things.

I have way too many positive things that deserve the energy it takes to write about them. And so does everyone. So whatever your awesome things are; paint them, draw them, write them, do whatever your output method is to get some good energy out there!


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