Fall 2012 Checklist: Updated

To keep with the spirit of making my own seasonal to-do lists, here’s the Fall 2012 list!

  • Run a half marathon
  • Knit a sweater (and wear it)
  • Quit smoking
  • Cook more
  • Be more positive and calm
  • Do yoga
  • Keep running
  • Keep writing
  • Be more active with art, culture, etc. in Toronto
  • Pay off debt

Through keeping my focus on health and experience, this’ll be another busy and happy season. Since I’ve done the half marathon and quit smoking, it’s time to get into the yoga studio and keep up the running. To go along with both physical changes and experience, this will be a season of healthy cooking and Pinterest meals.

If summer was a turning point, than fall definitely has some serious steam keeping the train going.

Health, wealth, and happiness!

Since when did it become winter?! Another productive season behind me, and I feel even more calm and positive. I have definitely quit smoking (even drunk smoking) and happily report that I don’t miss it or that gross smell. While my venture into hot yoga was outlasted by not smoking, I will definitely mix it into my routine weekly. Since last Monday I’ve been going on short lunch runs (3k) with a faster pace and easier run than pre-marathon running! Since I wasn’t big on eating out prior to this, cooking at home more was really about making time to prepare something. Even if it’s a package of oats. I save money and stay healthier! Instead of going for a sandwich the odd time before, I now go for a run every lunch.

Paying off debt is huge, I really needed to start and I just wasn’t before. Now I’ve buckled down and pay every month (and on time!). On the writing front, I bought a journal that I write in daily. It’s helping me move forward and let it all out. Every day, I find my mind less foggy and I am a happier person. It’s like when they tell you in yoga class to think without judgement, except to do that I have to write it out 😛

So onto winter we go, and no doubt will it be another productive one!

PS – the sweater is in progress!


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