Half Marathon: Check

2012 is officially the year of getting shit done. I’ve had the goal of running a half marathon since I was in college; for no particular reason other than to just do it. Back in July I registered for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, and on Sunday I completed it in 2:20!



I was oddly calm going into the race. At the start line I just knew that I was going to be crossing the finish line. The long distance, poor training, or potential pain never crossed my mind. It didn’t hit me that I had ran 12 kms longer than I had ever run, until after lunch, when I also realized that this wasn’t going to be just a checkmark on my bucket list. 

When I run, this really awesome thing happened. I naturally wanted to be healthy overall. Running gave me the responsibility, routine, and challenge that I needed to put other parts of life in perspective. I noticed differences both physically and mentally. 

Next year I’ll be doing more runs, training harder, and aiming to cut at least ten minutes off of my time. I’ll run when it’s cold, when I’m stressed, when I’m distracted. I’ll remember the high you get after pushing your body beyond the wall, and not letting your mind give up for you. 

The race wouldn’t have been near as fun or meaningful without the volunteers, people cheering us on, people who supported me, or everyone who put together such a great course and overall experience – so thanks!




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