Summer Reading


It’s been a good two years since I’ve truly felt inspired. Is that bad? I’m supposed to be creative, should I have been inspired by the things around me? Or maybe I simply didn’t surround myself with inspiring things. Inspiration is tricky like that, who knows where it comes from or why we feel it; but when it hits us it’s the best feeling in the world. Other than hanging out a sunroof while in a fast-moving car with a bottle of whiskey in hand.

Anyways, lately I’ve felt inspired in every single fibre of my body. Creatively, career-wise, thought-wise, attitude-wise, and life-wise.  I’ve been inspired to grown up, budget, save for a house, and I’ve been inspired to try all sorts of new things like yoga. Inspiration isn’t always new though, it comes in the form of being inspired by things you lost the inspiration for. Last weekend, I returned to watercolours and found I had much better control of the paint and overall, more skill.

Most recently my inspiration has come in the form of reading. Honestly, I haven’t read in way too long. I just haven’t been in the right mindset to pay attention to someone else’s plot. My life has been foggy lately. But now that I’m clear headed, I headed out to the library to get a library card and stock up on summer books. The best part is, I have only a vague idea that all three books are emotional and dark. I’m feeling the opposite of dark, finally – but I’m hoping to find some parallels between these books and by previous darkness so I can squeeze out some inspiration.


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