This Summer: Friendship Bracelets

Remember going to summer camp, or sitting in your backyard with your best friend and making friendship bracelets? If you’ve been anywhere on the internet lately, you’ll have noticed that this 90s trend is back in full force. So of course, the 90s child inside me really really wants to sit down outside with my friends, some music, and boozy summer cocktails to make some bracelets. I’m all over the arm party trend, so here’s a collection of bracelets I intend on making:

The basic friendship bracelet, Honestly WTF has great instructions if your skills are a little rusty. If you want to get really fancy with this idea, hit up Google where there’s thousands of crazy patterns.

To add some metal, these bead wrap bracelets also from Honestly WTF can be done with normal metal beads, or rhinestones.

And finally, the braided hex nut bracelet, which to me is like an adult friendship bracelet.

For more DIY arm party ideas, check out Honestly WTF. Seriously can’t wait to settle down in a bikini and start making some bracelets!


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