What I Would Tell My Younger Self

Dear younger me,

You will one day emerge from a long and draining quarter life crisis, and wonder why time travel doesn’t exist yet. You’ll be forced to look back and pray to Yves Saint Laurent that life has an “undo” button. Which is odd, considering how careful you used to be….

Never ever let a man abuse you, in any way. You are pretty, and smart, and solid, what the fuck are you doing there? Don’t pick up the bottle of NyQuil, pick up your stuff and GTFO.

My younger, more innocent self on the far left. 

You will chose a career that is impractical. You will be poor, confused, broke, rejected, and working for free. You will doubt if the dream you’re following is the wrong one. It isn’t, it’s just testing you. You will succeed.

You’ll really regret trying to grow up so fast. So party more, explore more, and make more mistakes while you’re young. Being a hot mess in your twenties is not as easy to get away with as it is in your teens.

Save your goddamn money and stop shopping. You could have been traveling, or not have student debt. Make your life a lot easier and do without that Louis Vuitton Speedy.

The people you associate with will reflect on you. So you may want to rethink dating drug addicts. You will hate yourself for doing this one day.

Keep running and working out. It’s a tough thing to get into again once you stop. Your 30 something self will probably say the same thing.

You will fuck up in epic ways that you won’t even share to 99% of your friends, even when you’re smashed. And that’s ok, as long as you never do it again. Some really random person is going to make you doubt everything you’ve recently done. And you will want to crawl out of your skin, sleep for days, and be numb forever. Maybe in five years, I can write another letter to tell you what happens after this.

The older, less innocent me on the right.

But, it’s not all bad and WTF. You will finally make a solid group of female friends. You will know what love feels like, and you will finally stop obsessing and analyzing over boys. You will also date amazing men. You will finally be OK with being alone, and you will enjoy life as a single person. You’ll have great lovers, and horrible ones.

So, younger self…you will have quite a decade. At the end of it, you will be jaded and strong. You will have a career, be single, and gorgeous. You’ll figure it all out.

PS – Better start drinking rum now. And don’t stretch your ears, you freak a leak.


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