Why I Love Sluts


Sex, that terrible thing some women have before marriage, outside of a monogamous relationship, and sometimes with multiple partners. One of my pet peeves is the negative use of “slut”, why should any human be degraded for doing something that everyone does?

I love sluts, and you probably should too. Here’s why:

1. Confidence. Confidence is contagious. Sluts are not always sluts because of “daddy issues” or mental illness. Sluts sometimes are confident in their needs, wants, and are also confident enough to get what they want. 

2. They Don’t Judge. Sluts are so used to being judged. When you slip up and have a steamy night with what’s his name, they’re not going to drive you into an anxiety attack and make you question your life. They’re going to high five you. 

3. What Mid Life Crisis? You know those people who live a safe, suburban life, until the age of 50 when they suddenly realize…they haven’t done anything (or anyone)? They’re not sluts.

4. Good Sex. Ever been told you act like a slut in bed? Really, dudebro means “hey you know how to have good sex.” What a frightening concept. If you’re going to have sex, learn how to have good sex. Otherwise, uh why are you taking your clothes off?

5. Brave. The average Canadian woman sleeps with 13 men in her lifetime, the average Canadian man sleeps with 23. Instead of simply existing, sluts push the boundaries and make their own stats. 

6. You’re Probably Hot. Jealousy is a bitch. As long as you’re not sleeping with your friend’s boyfriend. Women pull out the slut card because they are threatened by another woman’s attractiveness. Thank them for the compliment and keep being hot.

7. Fun. If you’re not having fun, you’re living wrong. Relax a little, live in the now, and make some awesome stories to tell. Sluts are fun friends, fun to get naked with, and never afraid of good old fashioned fun. 

Now, I’m not talking about the girls who will fuck anything who looks at them. That’s for another day. I’m talking about the women who have good sex, with hot men, who they may not be in a relationship with. The Samantha Jones’ of the world. 


The next time you’re about to call an innocent person a slut, remind yourself of how much sex you’ve had. And that humans are not defined by their sexual encounters (or addictions like I’ve previously said). Once you walk away from said innocent girl without calling her a slut; go home and weep while watching Chasing Amy


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