142 Minutes With Cat Marnell


An NY Mag writer sat down with Cat Marnell (one of my woman crushes), to talk about women, drugs, journalism, and honesty. I highly suggest clicking here and reading the article.

Cat is open about her drug use, and why shouldn’t she be? Addiction does not define a person, because she is also resilient, intelligent, and brave. She is one of the rare beauty/fashion etc. writers who actually has something to say. AKA- She doesn’t write about beauty because she loves sparkly nail polish.

Part of being a female, whether we accept it or not; is having beauty engrained into our everyday life. From simple hair care, to skin care, we partake in some sort of daily beauty regimen (err, sometimes daily). So how is it so rare to see a writer/editor who sees this and runs with it? So what drugs are also part of her everyday life, she’s able to relate something as frivolous as beauty, with something raw, like real life. Ergo, she is fantastic.

So anyways, onto my thought of the day:

“On our site we run stuff like, ‘Can you wear white pants when you have your period?’ and I flip out,” she says. “It’s like, Shoot me in the fucking mouth. It reduces us to bodies, and I hate it. I resent how reduced the world of women is. I resent how small we allow ourselves to be.”

I haven’t read truer words in a loooong minute.

Yes, drug use is not ideal. But it is real. Let’s not also forget that girl is the beauty editor, and the beauty section of xojane.com is ten million times better than Allure, Cosmo, or any other bullshit glossies.


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